The Parsonage Inn now offers 5 Rooms!

One year ago this week, we received our first formal guest to our B&B.

At first, we offered two rooms. Quickly we were busy enough that we opened a third on our second floor. And now, after a year of renting out our third floor as an separate apartment, we have remodeled it into our final two B&B rooms.

Originally the third floor was servants’ quarters, home to the women and children who made their living as housekeepers to the Corson and Sherwood families. From about 1950 to now, the third floor has been a two-bedroom apartment, accessible from a private side entrance. Renting out the third floor has been a source of income to the owners for many decades.

Now we have we have painted the entire floor and stairwell, remodeled the third-floor bathroom with new fixtures and a new floor, and furnished both third-floor bedrooms.

The guest quarters now feature a common living room, Room #5 (the “Delft Queen” room), Room #6 (the “Four-Poster Queen” room), and a shared claw-foot bathroom. Renting the two rooms together makes for a lovely two-bedroom suite out of the entire floor.

We are so grateful to all our guests, supporters, friends, family, and to God’s providence that we have come so far in a short time. We are deeply blessed.

Can’t wait to see what a second year of this will bring.

Book a Room Before they’re Gone!

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