Pure Michigan! (And we’re on TV!)


For over a decade, the Pure Michigan campaign has made it clear how awesome we are.

Political Pawn

In 2019, Michigan’s new Governor Gretchen Whitmer used her line-item veto power to reshape the state budget as fashioned by the opposing party, and one of the casualties of that political fight is cutting the Pure Michigan budget, our $37 Million effort to bolster and promote Michigan as a place to visit, vacation, work, play, and move.

Since the Pure Michigan campaign directly benefits the tourism industry, hospitality groups across the state were concerned, including the Michigan Bed & Breakfast Association (we sent a letter to our leaders), Frederick Meijer Gardens,  Tourism Coalition of Michigan, and more.

Economic Engine

But it’s more than self-interest of just the tourist industry–the campaign creates jobs and generates taxes and reaches vast numbers of people on behalf of all Michiganders. We as a small business benefit from Pure Michigan, but our employees, neighbors, and fellow businesses all benefit too.

TV Stars!

So when the first round of negotiations failed to re-fund the Pure Michigan campaign, our local ABC affiliate WZZM 13 asked our opinion about the matter as a tourism micro-business, and we were happy to share our thoughts!