We currently offer three of our seven bedrooms in the house as guest rooms. The others are occupied or in use by family members!

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Room #1: The Four-Poster

This rather large guest room features a queen-size four-poster bed, a fireplace mantel, a French desk (ask about its history!), a vanity, antique games, and more. This room shares the green-tiled washroom on the hallway.  Check Availability.



Room #3: Wedding Waterfall

This guest room features a bridal suite of art deco waterfall furniture from one grandmother, and quilts made by another grandmother! The queen-size bed has a complementary vanity and desk. This room also includes a private in-suite washroom with pink tile.   Check Availability.


Room #4: Bicycle Mission

A Queen-sized Arts & Crafts Mission-style bed frame anchors this guest room, surrounded by bicycle-themed artwork. The arrangement is well complemented by a spacious seating area of more Mission-style pieces and a handy wardrobe for travelers. This room shares our green-tiled washroom on the hallway.   Check Availability.


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