We currently offer three of our seven bedrooms in the house as guest rooms. The others are occupied or in use by family members!

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Room #1: The Four-Poster

This rather large guest room features a queen-size four-poster bed, a fireplace mantel, a French desk (ask about its history!), a vanity, antique games, and more. This room shares the green-tiled washroom on the hallway.  Check Availability.


Room #3: Wedding Waterfall

This guest room features a bridal suite of art deco waterfall furniture from one grandmother, and quilts made by another grandmother! The queen-size bed has a complementary vanity and desk. This room also includes a private in-suite washroom with pink tile.   Check Availability.


Room #4: Bicycle Mission

A Queen-sized Arts & Crafts Mission-style bed frame anchors this guest room, surrounded by bicycle-themed artwork. The arrangement is well complemented by a spacious seating area of more Mission-style pieces and a handy wardrobe for travelers. This room shares our green-tiled washroom on the hallway.   Check Availability.

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The Rest of the House

Beyond the bedrooms, we have some lovely places to gather and enjoy.

Front Porch

Our wraparound front porch is a favorite place to gather in groups or enjoy the morning sunshine over some coffee.


Living Room

Our Living room with Queen Anne tower is a spacious area for entertaining, taking tea, and solving jigsaw puzzles.


Dining Room

Our lovely spot for breakfast and refreshments!



Our working pastor’s library and family room



Delicious breakfasts begin here in our gourmet kitchen


2nd Floor Foyer

The second-floor hallway features lots of bicycles and a hospitality center with coffee and treats.